vendredi 2 février 2018

Z-Man - 4 Hours Of Sleep (Ltd ed. LP)

Very proud to announce the vinyl reissue of this Bay Area classic 4-track album on my one-man label.
It was his second solo effort, originally made in 98, then released in 99 as handmade cassettes. Atak later made a small cd-r rerun of these. 

It's considered by most his best, and it's one my favorite rap album ever.
Productions are handled 3/4 by Slim Goodworth of 99th Demention and 1/4 by Vrse Murphy of Sacred Hoop. 

There's only 200 copies of this, and it comes with an A4 insert incl. an interview with Z about the making of 4 Hours.

If you're not familiar with it, let's say it's completely raw, eccentric, delirious.. Super dope. There's a couple of tracks' chorus and lines that will stuck in your head for the rest of your life.

The vinyl version is short of 3 tracks compared to the cassette version due to lack of space.

You can listen and buy it:


... Enjoy and thanks for your support! Each cent will go to the making of another dope vinyl reissue.

mardi 23 janvier 2018

Masters Of The Universe - Classics EP

That's a strange choice of name for that EP that could be renamed "6 random tracks from the MOTU back-catalogue (including 3 freestyles)". 
See, the freestyles are ok, the Matrix (Odessa Kane's old alias) track is very good, then the 2 tracks left are off 2 great albums by MOTU members (12 Kommandments and Universe Horror Nites). 

So, not reaally your typical 'classics' compilation but more of a nice little EP reprinted on cd-r by Orko a few years ago. 
It's worth mentioning that this was previously available for download on Ghetto Tyylit as "Innercity Productions EP". It was the same tracks but on one file of about 30 minutes.
Inner City Productions is actually the person credited for the productions on my cd-r.

No relation, I've recently heard that HHV in Germany is planning to reissue the first two Grouch's albums on double vinyl (Don't Talk To Me - a personal favorite, and Nothing Changes). The release date is set for march but you can already pre-order them. Urrayy!

MATRIX - Eve Of Destruction
ECLIPSE HERU - Freestyle
THIRD RAIL - Freestyle
ATOM 12 - It's A Risk They Take
SHAMEN 12 & ODESSA KANE - Freestyle

dimanche 14 janvier 2018

II Sense - Records Of The Speciman

II Sense is a group from San Jose comprised of Teao and Zygoat aka Quasar, who later went to form Kaotic Souls and Audiopharmacy with other MCs.
Records Of The Speciman is their first tape, from 1999 and this rip is from Kaliyuga Pro's own copy.

Most Are Aware, But...
Talking Dead Man
Evicted ft. No Nonaim
Surealism's Prison
Whenever Is Found ft. Nigh
We Devolve
Up-Side Drowned (Mental)
The Two Stages (Mental) ft. Cecilia
Turned Tables (Mental)

State Of Disturbance ft. Dempswa & Soil
Drenknowledgy (Mental)
Wrekordz Of The Species Man (Mental)
Dleusion Of Granduer (Mental)
The Two Faces Of Time (Mental)
Alienatives ft. Defiance & Einnod
M.D.M.A. (Outro)

dimanche 7 janvier 2018

Richport The Savior - Type Of Shit I'm On Vol.1 'Through Crookid Eyes'

"From the KPs vaults vol.48": today, Richport The Savior's Type Of Shit I'm On Vol.1!
Released in 2005 on Emmoworks, which is the label that released most of Zaire Black & June22's work (also Ras Ceylon's stuff and the Youth Internationals 12'' I've posted a while ago).

The album, entirely produced by Richport and June22, is pretty long (28 tracks!) but got a couple of nice tracks, despite the rawness of the sound quality.
There's a 7'' that includes two of the tracks in it also.

In another news Beetbak got that dope cassette reissue of the underrated masterpiece that is Inoe One's Master Relm out with a bonus track and additional liner notes, so it should be on top of your wishlist for the new year.

There's an unearthed The Nonce album planned to be released on Family Groove for 2018 and called "1990", no need to say much, my money is already saved for that one (check their instagram).

Snuf One aka Age, the guy responsible for the dope Raised by Seuss album reissue on his Untek Rec label recently discovered a batch of unsold stock of his 1997 "Simpleton" beat tape and it's pretty dope. Each artwork is unique apparently, and stock is hella limited.

That's it for the indie rap consumer minute.

RIP Ganjah K.

Stolen Moment
No Dickies Allowed
War Is Coming
What Road To Choose
Drop The Bumrush
Don't Block The Sunlight
Take The Bus With Us
The Art Of Facts
Certified Liveness
Rhymez N Bullshit
World Of Words
Nitetime Minutes
Usual Suspects
Break The Chains
The Science
Burn The Ignorance
Raise Yo Fist
Don't Fuck Around
Dealin Wit
Young Profits
Bonus Track

jeudi 28 décembre 2017

Blueprint Krew - Blueprints

I think somebody requested this tape recently. 
I must say I had never heard about it until Kaliyuga Pro kindly sent me a rip of his copy. It's dated from 1999 and apparently an alternate cover exists.
No clue of where that crew come from, there's the roster on the artwork but no familiar name as far as I'm concerned. Anyone with more info would be welcome.
As for the tape itself it's pretty decent, definitely worth a try.

The Beginning
We Stand Alone
My So-Called Life
Letters To A Skeptic

Untitled ('Satisfaction')
Realm Of Fear
My Darksides
This Is Half A Song
Who Was I
Untitled (Freestyles)

samedi 16 décembre 2017

UBC (Under Bomber Corporation) - Simple Logic

A pretty rare San Jose-related project (hence the Sharks logo on the left), Simple Logic is credited as UBC for Under Bomber Corporation (yes, related to the Underbombers/ Sub Contents, etc.) but it's more a Camp Crystal Lake side-project really.

I first heard about it from a SJ local who had a 4-tracks-only version (one of these tracks not being on this cassette!). He told me it was a demo, probably from '98, given away by members.

The roster was Zest The Smoker, Keno, Pablo (that's Peaceshine, him are Keno are known as the Knivin Bastards -with various spelling) and a guy named Phil (no idea who this is).
During the course of the tape I'm pretty sure I spotted a guy named Clishade who was on the Camp Crypt B-Sidez compilation. Oh, and there's Persevere on a guest joint too, by the end.

The tape is slightly less dark and menacing than the previous CCL releases musically, although the lyrics are still murderous. Beats are slow, like usual, but more in a chill-y vibe this time. It's a pretty cool tape to zone to.

I spotted this og copy from a big collector recently who bought it at show in San Jose in 1998. I first thought I bought the 4-tracks EP I already had as a second-hand dub, but, surprise!, here's 60 minutes and 18 new tracks of full CCL-related goodness.
I noticed on the B side a couple of tracks spotted on Zest's "The Smoker Filez" comp, namely a medley of "Funkcun" and "Blossom", then Triple Threat with Persevere and a full version of Bumrusch (it's separated in 2 parts on the comp).
Another fun find, the last track of the A side is Teddy Pendergrass' "Be For Real" in almost its entirety (sounds familiar?).

Here's my rip. I added the track that wasn't on the EP version at the end, you'll notice a slight sound quality change. Also, there was absolutely no info on the back cover, no tracklist either. I added some track names for reference, feel free to change it. Enjoy!


18 untitled tracks + 1 bonus cut

lundi 4 décembre 2017

Persevere - Void Filler

At last! One of the oldest item on the wishlist is finally down, thanks to a friendly anonymous benefactor (eternal props to him!).
The elusive first and only Persevere album released in 2000 on Isolated Wax. Most of the material is known there, the Stones Throw 12'' joints, the 7'' track, but there's still a couple of never-heard tracks on it.
In case you didn't know Persevere released another solo joint 3 years ago called "Meet Jesse Medina" (his real name).

In another news, the Beetbak homies just released another cassette, Folk Hop Blues by DK NoDeal (formerly known as DK Toon from Beneath The Surface, etc.) and another one by EX2's Syndrome228 should be out soon.

San Diego producer Milky Wayne who released the classic Homesick compilation back in 2001 just released "Homesick 2.0, Still Ill" on cassette with another batch of dope MCs, available through RLK.

Annd.. The Third Sight 12'' & 7" we were talking about a while ago is finally out on Sanctimonious Records

My Low End Strange
Beta Boy 2G ft. Dave Dub & Zest The Smoker
The Great Escape
From A Place Called SJ ft. Dave Dub
Four Corners Of Freestyle
Thought Provoking ft. Encore
To The Beat
Ideal Paradise