vendredi 13 janvier 2017

Pseudzero - Closed Caskets (An Afterlife Megamix)

The latest mix, dedicated to Afterlife Recordz, enjoy!

CVE - CV Intro                                                                                                                                         
ELLAY KHULE - Illuminum                                                                                                    
HIP HOP KCLAN - Bars Up                                                                                                 
RIFLEMAN - Summa This And Summa That #05                                                              
CVE - Hard In The Paint                                                                                                                 
ELLAY KHULE - Struggle Music                                                                                   
DNAE BEATS F/ ELLAY KHULE - Master Flows                                                               
PTERRADACTO - Primal Rage #13                                                                      
RIFLEMAN F/ MISTER CR - Choppers Anonymous                                                      
CVE - Forever CVE                                                                                                                   
OMID F/ ELLAY KHULE - Sunny Side Up                                  
CALI-RAG - Acap Skit                                                                                                                   
CVE F/ PTERRADACTO & RIFLEMAN - Stay On Phat                                                                      
CVE - Reach To The Mic                                                                                                                       
GUERRILLAH SPIT - Guerrillah Spit                                                                         
PTERRADACTO - Primal Rage #17                                                                                                       
RIDDLORE F/ 2MEX & BUSDRIVER - You Know We Run This Shit                                      
NGA FSH - Dubs                                                                                                                                   
RIDDLORE & DEBMASTER F/ AMEWU - We Love It                                                               
NGA FSH F/ DA TWINS - Where Da Real Heads At?!                                                                           BUSDRIVER - Overshadow                                                                                                          
HIP HOP KCLAN - Massive Meltdown                                                                                     
BUSDRIVER F/ ABSTRACT RUDE - Get On The Bus                                                                         CYPHA 7 - Night Life                                                                                                                               RIDDLORE F/ BUSDRIVER - Sin Cycle                                                                
JIZZM F/ RIDDLORE - Hi Style Takeover         
ELLAY KHULE - Knuckle Sandwich                                                                                       
ELLAY KHULE - Telecommunications                                                                                                 
OF MEXICAN DESCENT F/ SNIZAKE - Medication                                                                           RIDDLORE - I Smell Smoke                                                                                                   
CVE - Not Like Those                                                                                                                           

dimanche 8 janvier 2017

Nomadik Mind Travlers - S/T

A regular request here is this pretty obscure cassette from 1999, the self titled album from the Nomadik Mind Travlers.
I don't know much about them but from the few hints we can get at discogs, they appear to be a duo comprised of Intillect and Shaun, and since they both appear on the Agriculture comp and Joe Dub is featured on a track, something tells me they must be from Hawaii (?). Once again, hit up the comment section if you know more.

What you get here is the cassette rip with separate tracks. I also noticed that on each side a track seems to be absent or merged with another one, or maybe it's just a tracklist error..  Those tracks are both 4th tracks on each side (Cut So Quick and Square One).

Hazey Elements
Mind Travlation
Up In The Air ft. Epic Paradox & Joe Dubbs
(Cut So Quick)
Life After ft. Epic Paradox & Sef
If It Was Up To Me
What's This World?
Nature Vs. Man
Devils Tongue
(Square One)
Higher Powers
Freedom ft. Defiance, Epic Paradox & Visionary Force

mercredi 28 décembre 2016

Kwame Harrison (Mad Squirrel) - Bay Area Hip Hop Mix

I just discovered this cassette-only mix that was made by K.Harrison aka Mad Squirrel from SF's Forest Fires Collective. The mix is already 3 years old but full of great nuggets, and some never-heard stuff.
Who heard about Jihad's "Soul Mate" tape from 98 for example? Same with that Conceit tape, and what about that Prego EP that's impossible to find too?
Have a taste to the link below.


BFAP - Intro Freestyle
MURS & ASOP - Lose My Mind
JIHAD! - Cali Stare
JUN DAX - 2000 AD/ Two Zero
CONCEIT - Fascinating
SKOTREL - Trainspotting
GAVIN - Verse One
ELIGH & SCARUB - Everything Goes
MEGABUSIVE - Anarhic Adjustment
IND-RAY & THE "I" - Song 13
TOP RAMEN - Freestyle
KARMA CHI & KIRBY DOMINANT - Jungle Repellents
MURS - Untitled
WONWAY - Regrets Freestyle
DESTINED & MAD SQUIRREL - Recipe Of We (Unreleased)
JUN DAX - Watch Where You Walk

And in case it's not enough, here's another one he did with his cd collection, but unfortunately no tracklist on this one:

samedi 26 novembre 2016

Asphalt Records - Syncaset Demos 7''

Asphalt Records is a label run by swedish DJ/Producer Imperial aka DJ Coolie Bee.
He mostly reissues demos and material from his old group Asphalt Legion and the MC's affiliated to it, which are mostly from Santa Cruz CA.

The Syncaset Demos is the new one of the series, a 300 copies 7'' that sound pretty fresh. 
Kleva & Collin O on the A Side (from 1994) and Quin & Coolie Bee on the flip (1995). Listen to the clip below and purchase if it's your cup of tea. 

Face A

KLEVA & COLLIN O - Solar Energy

Face B

QUIN & DJ COOLIE B - California Cripple

jeudi 24 novembre 2016

Young Slim - Steady Stackin

I had no idea this tape existed until I stumbled on this youtube vid a few days ago.

Young Slim is none other than Slim Goodworth / Marcus Pimp West, og member of the 99th Demention (as an MC but also the guy that made most of the beats if I'm correct). 
Credits says he produced this album in 1994-1995 on a SP-1200 while in high school.

This is just a rip of the video with separate tracks. If somebody got something better, please holla.
Also, if anyone know if the "Negativety" album the liner notes talk about was ever released..

Face A

A Playa Within

Face B

Can't Get Caught Up

dimanche 20 novembre 2016

Nuakia Smoke - This Is 40 EP

New digital EP from Zest The Smoker, which seems to be a compilation with some older tracks he uploaded on his soundcloud and new stuff. I'm always down for some of his material.. I really hope he'll put out the full version of Camp Crystal Lake's "Souls Owed To The Lake" also.

By the way, years ago some connection made me a dub tape of some CCL material, including a track with a chorus that says "my name is Zono, aka Dracula" said x times. The track was very dope but it's on no official release. It seems to be an old demo from the CCL's Souls Owed  '93 demo.
If anyone got this... That would make my day.

Cough Elixir
Wastin' (1999 Dirt Mix)
Kae-Nive Hive (1997 Dirt Mix)

lundi 31 octobre 2016

Renegade Synapsis - Pins & Needles EP

This one's just appeared on DJ Moves' bandcamp and it's very good. 
Renegade Synapsis is him plus Checklove (Check Love Shakil), the 2 last tracks were already on his Hiss 2 : Hissteria comp but the rest is completely unreleased. Nice cameos too.

"After Hip Club Groove broke up this was the next group we started. Recorded in 1997 in Toronto.
Was supposed to be a 12'' on Four Ways To Rock but Marc Costanzo fucked us over."

Damn, Marc! I really want this on wax now.

You can check / buy it..

Grisley Adams
Interference ft. Sixtoo
Ode 2 The Slammin ft. Little T (Tachichi)
Pins & Needles ft. Fritz The Cat & D-Rock
Unconquered ft. Supreme Being Unit
Watered Down Juice