samedi 21 avril 2018

The Cuf - Affirmative Action

Following my recent post of The Hermits Cave, KP decided to re-rip his copy of Affirmative Action, another rare tape of The Cuf from 1997.
A previous rip was made available years ago on Ghetto Tyylit but he felt it needed a better quality one. So enjoy!
As you can see the cover on this one is actually a flyer for a show turned into a cover. There's an alternate cover on discogs for this EP.

Kill Da Bitch


lundi 9 avril 2018

Justin Morales - S/T

Straight up, with its first cassette-only album, San Jose-native Justin Morales won at least (and by large) the coolest/most honest/wtf/crevest (for Subtitle relatives) cover award.
It might seems a weird choice in an era where image is everything and your place on the hip hop credibility scale dictates how much success you might have but here it is. You can't get much realer than this, don't you? 

Now you know exactly what to expect: raw, honest hip hop made with small equipment. And frankly the result is pretty nice and refreshing. 

I don't know much about Justin other than this tape is the first of 3 albums, it was probably released through Atak in the late 90es although I don't know for sure. And the guy got a group called Tech Lab with BC Ghost and got featured on a finnish crew/ compilation, Blue Phantoms Network (-I told you before, fins know their westcoast underground better than you and me). Speaking of that, this rip was brought you by the one and only, Kaliyuga Pro from Helsinki.

Key Holder
Memoir Of Anguish Pt.1
Memoir Of Anguish Pt.2
Killing Time

Seeds & Stems
Killing Time (Rmx)
Full Circle

samedi 31 mars 2018

Dorn The Overseer - California Dream EP

I didn't know the guy and copped this (only?) EP, released in 2004, by sheer curiosity.
As far as I know he's from Ventura or somewhere in the LA area and the label, Abstrakt Konfusion, seemed to group a couple of guys from there (Venomous Voices, High Dro, DJ AK... none of them are familiar but they apparently got a batch of others cd releases as well).

So the obvious appealing factor is the presence of Lootpack members on a track, "Relic": production by Madlib and featuring DJ Romes as well as another MC called Ayol. The track is alright, but nothing too crazy. I'm more into the flip side: "Respect" with its nice ATCQ sample and the super funky "Use Your Brain". Even Dorn seem more comfortable with his flow on this type of productions than on the anti wack mcs numbers of the A side.

Word Is Dorn
Master Competitor
Relic ft. Ayol & DJ Romes

Respect ft. Venomous Voices
Use Your Brain
Behind The Mic

mardi 27 mars 2018

The Cuf - The Hermits Cave

A rather confidential 4-track EP from The Cuf, from 1998. I never seen a rip. 
This is from my tape...  The sound isn't great on some tracks but hey... 

Country Unda Frustration
Federal Expressions

More Than Words
(California My Way)

vendredi 23 mars 2018

Jeune Montagnard - Bronsonitis

I just did this new mix with some of the original samples/breaks used on Action Bronson classic albums and singles (mostly his older stuff). Soul, psych, library music, AB's drops, etc.. 
Rimrimrim ( did the artwork.


lundi 12 mars 2018

Buck 65 - Weirdo Magnet (Cassette Version)

This is a new rip from my og cassette copies.

The cd version of Weirdo Magnet released by Warner in 2002 is quite different than the original cassettes (yeah, the album was released on 2 cassettes) from 1996. 
Tracklist is completely different, from 40 to 23 tracks (to fit the new format), the cassette total length time is a little bit more than 2 hours, and the cd is 50 minutes. Not only there's tracks missing but weirdly enough there's a good portion of the cd tracks that are not on the original cassettes: the intro for instance, or the track with Sixtoo... Those are pretty good tracks too though.

Also, most importantly, it seems that all the rapping parts have been re-done by Buck. It's pretty obvious on Year Zero for example, you definitely hear the more uptempo style of the Stinkin Rich era on the tape as the cd version is the more "grown-up", slower and deeper voice of Buck.
Obviously the mixing has been redone too and sounds better on the reissue.

But what happened to that missing hour of OG Buck 65 then?

After a long search on slsk years ago I finally found a rip of the cassette but the quality wasn't that good: the dub was overpitched, bitrate was meh and last track was missing.

More recently I've been able to get og copies of the cassettes (without having to put my house for sale, right discogs?). Now here's the dub off it. Enjoy!

Throw It!
Shopping For Shoes
Taster's Choice
Cat Piss
Thought So
Boogie'n Frenzy ft. M88Kenzie
Amber Valletta
Chin Music '96
Stranded Without Pants
Beatles Break

Who You Frontin' For?
Plus Signs And Positivity
Urine Trouble
Shalom Harlow
Kiss My Ass
Fuckin' Chicks, Huh?
You're Pissin' Me Off
Shout It Out ft. J.O. Smooth

Come Home
Year Zero
You Know The Science
Baron Karza
In A Bad Way
Wild Life Pt.1
The Bassment Show

State Of The Art
Wild Life Pt.2
Style #386
The Back Of My Hand
Male Model
Wild Life Pt.3
Speak Of The Devil
This Is A Joke
Swung At A Bad Pitch

vendredi 9 mars 2018

DJ RasCue / Eb.F Interview // Westakoasta website

DJ Rascue from Various Blends recently posted on the comment section of this site.
We agreed to do a mail interview and I just posted it on this new Westakoasta site -which is basically  a tumblr with some of the interviews I did in the past with hip hop artists, plus new ones.

Learn more about C.O.D., the pre-Hobo Junction/ Skhool Yard/ VB crew, what causes Rasco to leave for a solo career, how Peanut Butter Wolf got his name, why there's an unreleased VB album filled with dope collabos and all the unreleased material that awaits to be heard:

In another news, we still got some copies of this amaaaaazing Z-Man "4 Hours of Sleep" vinyl reissue here. Every cent will go on the next vinyl release. 
Thanks a lot to those who already purchased!