samedi 24 juin 2017

Record Players - S-T

This is the first Record Players album, 7 untitled tracks only released on cassette in 1999 by San Jose label Highground.
The R.P. roster changed with time, this first draft consists of Joe Dub, Neila and Brandon B (of Supermarket) and on productions San Jo's Pilot Rase and Dick Jones. Most of the tracks were made during a session in Phoenix, AZ in 1999 minus one Joe Dub track from 1997.
A rather rare to find item with a couple of real nice cuts.

I strongly advise to check Direct Drive if you didn't already, the second (well, third but it's really a cd reprint of the second, "Two Thousand And One") very underrated  RP album that I end up playing a couple of times every summer.

lundi 19 juin 2017

Ill-Phonix - End To End

Ill-Phonix is a group from Phoeniz, AZ. 
That being said I don't know much else about them, I copped this vinyl by sheer curiosity and have mixed feelings about it. I still ripped it since it wasn't available anywhere.. Make up your own mind!

In other news, there's a batch of interesting stuff to cope recently:

Dave Dub and Haez One just released their dope first collab album, The Broken Uglies, only digital for now but cds and cassettes soon to come.

SFSM did a reprint of Long Live Or Die Trying on vinyl (great title, great album.. hopefully more to come).

Then this upcoming compilation of rare demos by New Mexico's Empty Pockets by the World Wide Wax label from germany that already brought you the 3 Shades Of Rhythm 3LP reissue.

The good folks over at Beetbak just release a cassette compilation with a tight line-up. All the benefits will go to Jean (of Nga Fsh's "Jean In Da Front Row").

T.Spillman also have his first cassette release on his Independent Studies label, a beat tape from Zay Town's Mr Aeks called Lunch Buffet.

And finally, my very own Westakoasta cd version, a mixtape dedicated to the westcoast underground.

Back to the Ill-Phonix:


Empty Mediums
Program Virus
Public Out Cry & Untitled
Never Again
Dragon Saliva
Garage Days
Fishing Through Ashtrays
Oxy Moron

jeudi 8 juin 2017

Pseudzero - Westakoasta (CD version)

Here's the cd version of my Westakoasta mix-cd, finally available:

75 minutes of westcoast underground hip hop, mixed by yours truly. Super limited edition.. cardboard cd-single sleeve, shrinkwrapped. Tons of dope artists. Get it while you can!

mardi 6 juin 2017

Log Cabin re-rip update

Just did a much needed new rip of my cassette with a better sound.
I changed the link of the original post towards the new one:


mercredi 31 mai 2017

Basbombing - Super 12''

This is a somewhat rare test press 12'' from Oakland MC Bas-One aka Basbombing.
It's credited on discogs as an Insiduous Urban release from 2002, although they never release it properly apparently, it stayed at test press status for some reason.
The vinyl got this little pen-drawn IU catalog ref on one side and a big green Heratik Prod. sticker on the flip that seems to have been stuck by someone afterwards. Bas-One released his first LP and a couple of 12'' on Fanatik's label.

The vinyl got 3 tracks with instrumentals, my favorite being "Can't Fool The Last" (credited as "Untitled" on discogs) and 2 funny tracks with catchy phrases and noises made by Bas in order to be scratched by DJs.

Not a must-have, more an interesting piece for the collectors.


Super (Instrumental)
Can't Fool The Last
Bonus Scratch Sounds A
Kids Takin' Shortz
Kids Takin' Shortz (Instrumental)
Can't Fool The Last (Instrumental)
Bonus Scratch Sounds B

vendredi 26 mai 2017

Various Blends - Fanna Burn

Various Blends is a duo comprised of Friz-B and EB F aka RasCue or RastaCueTip from San Mateo, Bay Area. 
Rasco was briefly part of the band (that's him on the original Chill As I Flex 12'', later replaced by Del for the LP version) then moved on to a solo career.
Their first album, Levitude was released in 2000. According to their bio on the Urban Umpires site:
"The release was received well, but failed to breakthrough due to the closure of the label (Baraka). Soon they found another home with No Mayo Records where they recorded their second full-length CD Fanna Burn in 2002. The CD was never released as the label ran into financial trouble and folded in 2003."

Weirdly enough an instrumental 12'' of Fanna Burn exists (pictured above), but that's not what I'm offering here (if somebody got it, an upload would be welcome though), but a rip of the 5 tracks that are floating on their old myspace page. Not even the full release then, but again, if you have this, holla...

Cordless Mics ft. Pismo & Rasco
How Many Stars ft. L'Roneous
Keep It Movin
Fanna Burn ft. Rakaa Iriscience
How Soon We Forget

vendredi 19 mai 2017

Ill Nature - Life Line In The Hands Of Time

This album from 1998 has been brought to my attention by Kaliyuga Pro. 
He bought it a few years ago on ATAK not knowing much about that crew, except that they were from California. The list of the members doesn't give much clues either: Ill Nature is Serge The Wrecknition, M.E.R.C.U.R.Y. (no relation to Sunset Leagues I think), Maximum Styles and depending on the cd booklet: L-Element and Concept, and on discogs: Sovereign and Elly Estro. 
There's also a bunch of featurings by various mc's I never heard of that seemed to be grouped under the name The I.S. Chapter. The production is handled by Serge The Wrecknition, The Butter Thief and Concept.

The music is pretty good, it's actually a surprise it didn't get any more attention, probably lost in the ocean of releases at that time. A vinyl version of this exist, you can found it easily on discogs although they tend to be a little pricey.
It's about time people check this album!

Light Years
Meaningless Mission?
Out Of This World
Lost Civilization
Tami No Tochu
Run Thru Your Crew
Magic Tricks
July 8th
Outro (Jazz Duet)
Life Is...