samedi 7 octobre 2017

Insomniac - Don't Sleep

Insomniac's first cassette EP, released on Soothsay in 1997. Production by Raggedy Andy and Tre Lock. Another rare one thanks to Kaliyuga Pro.

Don't Sleep
Orphan Exhibit

World Wars
Don't Sleep (Instrumental)

samedi 30 septembre 2017

Ill-Phonix - The Loaf Pinchers

This is the second post about this group from Phoenix, AZ, and this time we bring you their first album (seemingly from 99) thanks to JackDevo of the unbeatable Beetbak blog/label/evilcult who ripped his cassette. (By the way did I mention the pre-orders for the DK Toon cassette were up? Mm. That's what I thought). I just separated the tracks by hand, accordingly to the discogs tracklist.

And yes, someone requested it, so at least someone is secretly very happy about this!

(BTW I got this cool Afterlife Megamix for sale here). Ok your link now:

Blue Spotted
Broken DAT
Ceptic Thanks
Tundra Winds
Still Low Budget
Skeletor's Revenge
Depletion Zone ft. Neila
Who's Me?

The Artbelle Song
Empty Mediums
Drifting Pt. I & Pt.II
Tinted Windows
Vitamin C

samedi 23 septembre 2017

Fire Jumpers - My Baby's Got Her Hands In The Fire

Don't know much about the Fire Jumpers, except that they're related to the Ill Nature / Illuminatives crew that I posted about recently. And like the Ill Nature rip, this one is generously brought to you by Kaliyuga Pro.

This is slightly different from the other album, more into a goofy vibe (check the track names below). There's still a couple of nice cuts though. Check it.


Psuedo Happiness ft. Wrecknition
Dirty Hair-E
The Witches Are Transvestites
Red Snow (Dedicated To Jeanie)

Thought Police ft. Soverin
Hooty Of A Booty
Innocence ft. C-Nas-D & Hoe Killa

jeudi 7 septembre 2017

Pseudzero - Closed Caskets (Afterlife Megamix) Mix-CD

My recent Afterlife Recordz megamix just been released as very limited mix-cds. That's 54 minutes of one of the most underrated yet essential Project Blowed-related imprint/ collective. I'm pretty proud about it, check the sampler and let me know what you think.

Cope yours while stock last at the vulgar website or on bandcamp

vendredi 1 septembre 2017

Sabotawjyostyle - Elevation 12''

Since Orko is releasing a brand new LP these days (or is it 2 new LPs?), today I'm sharing a rare 12'' from San Diego which features him.
The artist is Sabotawjyostyle (also known as Sabotawj), from the Rhymeside label/crew, and this 12'' was released in 2002 at 300 units to promote the release of his Memoirs Of The Hardcore album.
"Saturate Da Underground" features not only Orko but also an other Daygo legend, Odessa Kane from Masters Of The Universe (even if none of them are credited on the vinyl).
The vinyl is a bit tricky to find but it might pop up on discogs some day. 
Meanwhile, enjoy the homemade rip...

In another news, there's a batch of other new albums to check for the indie rap afficionados this fall:
Beetbak got their second tape release with Aki Khalaq aka Kennuf Akbar.
The Ganja Cowboys album "Legends Of The Fall" which is Riddlore, Droop Capone and Lord Zen (interesting combinaison, huh?).
A new 2Mex LP "Lospital"
Another new trio in Gel Roc/ Megabusive/ Deeskee "Exalt the Anti".
An Aceyalone + Orko album called "Ancient Future".
Another SD-related MC, Veks' side project "Apes Of Graf" got the vinyl reissue by Chopped Herring.
And I recommend this dope group from Berlin (rhymes in english though): Moontroop. They got a new album called "The Dirty Something".

Back to our 12'':

Elevation ft. Nick Faulty & Tashi Numbaone
Saturate Da Underground ft. Odessa Kane & Orko The Sycotik Alien
Battle Words
Da Tribute

dimanche 27 août 2017

VA - Outerbodied Compilation

This is a somewhat rare compilation pulled together by Esoin in 1999 and blending the cream of the San Jose underground at that time. Its full title is "Outerbodied - Enter Our World (Collection Of Art From San Jose)". A SJ local made me a cassette dub, so here's the rip.

I have no tracklist but there's a list of the emcees on the side: Esoin, Style Misia, Diverse, A-O.N.E., Zest The Smoker, Los, Members Of Accuracy, Megabusive, El Uno, Axiom, Dem-1, DJ Worldwise, Overall Atmosphere, Cancereye, Mr. Aeks, DJ Roe, New Moon, KHz Devils and Visual Training. Pretty interesting, indeed!

Anybody with more info, a full tracklist, good scan of the cover or a better rip, please holla!

Edit- After a little research I realize some of these tracks were put on some compilations, for example tracks 2 & 7 are on Esoin's "Spiral Journey To The Sun", track 3 on El Uno's "Archive Files", track 6 on Sidus Idiom's "Moments Til Ruin", track 10 on New Moon's first LP, track 12 on Style Misia's "Hidden Pieces" compilation.

ESOIN & DEM-ONE - Jungle Abyss
EL UNO - La La Princess
?? -  Massive Destruction (??)
SIDUS IDIOM - Unrented Space
ZEST, LOS, ESOIN & DIVERSE - Situation Critical
?? Forever (??)
MEGABUSIVE, ??? - ??
NEW MOON - Downfalls
STYLE MISIA - M.I.U. Redemption ft. Diverse
AXIOM, ?? - ??

lundi 31 juillet 2017

Tangent - Self Made EP

This is Tangent's vinyl EP off his second album 'Global Swarm', released in 2000.
It's missing some of the finest production work featured on Lost Then Found in my opinion, but it's still worth a try. Once again thanks K.P. for the rip.

In another news, Jihad from Third Sight is releasing his second solo full length album next friday on every format possible, it's called The Wretched Of The Verse and sounds a winner.

Human Race
Tangent Rocks
Goes Like This
Off The Hook